Logistics support for events organizers and exhibitors to ensure that the exhibits are delivered to the booth on-time and in-perfect condition.
Services include consulting and planning, exhibits management, promotional material handling, temporary office set-up, storage prior to exhibition, delivery to the exhibition site, on-site handling, and repacking and delivery to the next destination or returning to origin by air, sea, or road.

Events Services
Logistics support for performing arts and events, including musicals, concerts, and plays, and facilitating global rollouts, multi-market tours, simultaneous product launches and major presentations.
Services include efficient, cost-saving logistics planning, completion of temporary or final customs clearance, storage and transportation to venues, freight management and delivery coordination, transport and event insurance coverage, packing, unpacking, positioning and installation, and door-to-door delivery.

Fine Arts Services
Logistics support for fragile, valuable and priceless art pieces moving to parks, buildings, hotels, museums, art galleries and private collectors around the world.
Services include project management, professional installation, climate-controlled warehousing, “air-ride” transportation, museum-standard specialized art packing and crating, insurance coverage, temporary import and re-export clearance, and state-of-the-art security measures.